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Оборудование FIMER Caps treatment

Caps treatment


The caps are contained in an inclined store with a capacity of about 700/800 capsules. The caps are distributed onto the infeed screw feeder, via a single head distributor, activated after consent from a NO cap/NO caps photocell. Distributor functioning is managed by a PLC, which synchronises functions with the movements of the At the moment of distribution, the neck of the bottle is centred by a pneumatic piston. The cap is pushed inside the rotating distributor by a direct jet of compressed air. Successively, the rotation of the distributor places the cap on the neck of the bottle and a small pneumatic piston perfectly arranges the cap, preparing the upper part for smoothing.
The distributor must be changed for caps with different diameters and lengths.


The smoothing of tin or polyaminate caps takes place by means of a roller with hard plastic rolls with optimum resistance to wear and inside self-lubricating bushes reduce the resistance to rolling on the cap to a minimum. The rolls rest on stainless steel rods and joined to a spindle, which contains a cap pusher that maintains their correct position. The rotation speed is set between 1000 and 1500 rpm, the smoothing tension can be comfortably adjusted and the direction of rotation can be clockwise or anti-clockwise.


Smoothing of the heat-shrinkable cap takes place by means of a certified heating head with high power (1.5kw) made up from an electronically-managed thermoresistance and guarantees uniform and completely adjustable heat distribution. Another important feature is the connection of the head to the machine compressed air circuit, which assures double ventilation of the cap during the smoothing phase, thus optimising machining. Basic safety devices and head lifting if the machine should stop unexpectedly or due to emergency, thus preventing excessive deformation and excessive burning of the cap.


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